About YODL


An online community, exclusively for CFIN members.

What is YODL?

An interactive, self-serve platform that connects CFIN members to new ideas, partners, funding, and resources to grow their business and increase their innovation capacity.

What can I do on YODL?

CFIN members can access daily content, find new partners, and discover valuable resources. You can also find information about CFIN programs, events, members and staff – including our five Regional Innovation Directors who are eager to connect with food innovators in their regions!

Why does YODL exist?

When CFIN conducted focus groups in 2020, we received a loud and clear message from food professionals that finding innovation resources and collaboration partners was too hard. YODL is our solution to this challenge and our way of bringing Canada’s vast and diverse food sector together under one (digital) roof.

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