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Gastronomous Technologies Inc.

Project Title

Smart Kitchens


Gastronomous Technologies Inc.


Oakville, Ontario

Funding Amount


Project Description

This project received funding through the CFIN’s Food Innovation Challenge to develop smart, connected kitchen equipment -- ranging from food ingredient preparation to the accurate, automated portioning and dispensing of those ingredients. 

Why CFIN Is Funding This Project

This project aligns with CFIN’s strategic interest in projects that create smart products and processes. 
Gastronomous is developing autonomous kitchen appliances that will ease the workload of restaurant kitchen staff by automating specific repetitive tasks. This approach will make it easier for restaurants to integrate new smart machines into their existing kitchens to achieve more product consistency and enhance food safety.

As foodservice businesses struggle to find enough staff – a challenge that’s been amplified since the pandemic – Gastronomous' technology can ease this labour crunch by automating monotonous food preparation jobs and freeing up budget for companies to create more appealing customer-centric and creative jobs.  

The project is in partnership with Recipe Unlimited, Canada’s oldest and largest full-service restaurant company, and Sodexo Canada Limited, a foodservices and facilities management company. The collaboration will help ensure Gastronomous’ solutions are customer-oriented and effective at meeting the needs of the foodservice industry. 

Benefits to Canadians

Adopting automation and smart technologies in restaurants and foodservice environments will improve efficiency by reducing food waste and address ongoing labour shortages in the industry. Ultimately, this will make the sector stronger, more competitive and more resilient to future challenges.

Market Adoption/Global Opportunity

Automation is part of the food service kitchen of the future, both here in Canada and abroad. Post pandemic, restaurants everywhere are looking for new ways of doing things and solutions that they can efficiently and affordably integrate into their existing operations as they not only rebuild but position themselves for growth.

What is particularly advantageous for food service employers is that adopting Gastronomous technology can be done without a large-scale kitchen remodel, making it accessible to a larger segment of the industry. It also makes employee adoption easier as it doesn’t require staff to completely re-learn how their kitchens work and flow. 

The company’s growth has been rapid, signaling the industry’s interest in and readiness for smart solutions. Since the beginning of 2023 alone, Gastronomous has added three software engineering position, three field technician jobs and one business development position to its employee roster to keep pace with the growing demand. 

Executive Perspective

We’re looking to stimulate transformative and transferable innovation in the food space by changing the way things have always been done and removing existing barriers in the industry. Gastronomous Technologies and its partners are helping to lead the way and we are proud to support innovations that will propel the food sector forward.

Dana McCauley, CEO, Canadian Food Innovation Network

The funding from CFIN will allow Gastronomous to develop and commercialize much needed and innovative automation solutions for commercial kitchens with some of Canada’s and the world’s largest foodservice companies. Our team brings a unique approach to solving the most painful problems of the restaurant industry.

Kevork Sevadjian, CEO & Co-Founder, Gastronomous Technologies Inc.