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Laboratoire Innodal Inc.

Project Title

Antimicrobials For Longer Shelf Life


Laboratoire Innodal Inc.


Quebec City, Quebec

Funding Amount


Project Description

With funding from CFIN’s Food Innovation Challenge, this project will increase the shelf life of food with natural and clean label antimicrobials that are an alternative to traditional chemical preservatives. 

Why CFIN Is Funding This Project

This project supports two of CFIN’s strategic pillars: food ecosystem sustainability and agile and safe supply chains. In order to meet consumer demands for more sustainable products, food manufacturers are searching for cleaner, natural, and non-chemical tools that will extend product shelf life while maintaining product safety and quality.

With the funding, biotech company Innodal will develop a natural antimicrobial for fresh foods that will significantly increase their shelf-life, but without impacting composition, taste, or other sensory properties.

Innodal is collaborating with Dempsey Corporation, a global distribution company, and seafood producer GaspeShore on developing the innovation, a partnership that will ensure the product meets the industry’s clean label needs while also having access to a national distribution channel.

Benefits to Canadians

Consumers are seeking healthy, natural alternatives to chemical ingredients, including synthetic preservatives. Using natural antimicrobials creates opportunities for the food industry to meet that demand with clean label products that will reduce food waste by extending product shelf life and keeping food from spoiling.

Market Adoption/Global Opportunity

The impacts of a changing climate will make food safety and food security even more important in the future as the world adapts to feeding a growing population in the face of shrinking availability of land, water and other natural resources. Innovative solutions that extend shelf life and keep food from spoiling are critical to securing our food supply and reducing our carbon footprint. Additionally, through extending the shelf life of products, Canadian companies can access new export markets, bringing high quality Canadian foods to grocery shelves globally.

Executive Perspective

Canadians want to reduce food waste and have access to healthier, more natural products with cleaner labels. This project led by Innodal, a Canadian leader in the natural food preservation space, will help food manufacturers across Canada meet those consumer needs with more sustainable technologies.

Dana McCauley, CEO, Canadian Food Innovation Network

This funding will allow us to develop a natural antimicrobial that will significantly increase the shelf life of fresh foods sensitive to microbiological flora spoilage. This clean label technology has the potential to revolutionize the food processing industry.

Laurent Dallaire, Ing, M.Sc., CEO, Laboratoire Innodal Inc.